The Strength of Team Work

In my work I often experience the joy of team work. Here is a great example. A real estate agent brought me in to help a family get their house ready to sell. So I met with the family, discussed what was most important and what was going to be doable for them, and then provided direction on what was to get done. The list included improvements for which I provided tradespeople. The agent was supportive of the time needed and a few weeks later I returned to showcase the house. The agent had pictures taken of a beautiful, well flowing home; the house went on the market; and the property sold within two days for more than asking price.

Who were the team members? The sellers, the realtor, the stager, the tradespeople, and the photographer. We all worked together towards the common goal of a successful sale for this house. Everyone had a role. Why did it work so well? Beyond the great advice and skill sets of the professionals involved, I believe the success is largely attributed to us all working together for a common goal with respect for each other’s strengths.

Now the team has changed somewhat as we shift our attention to the new home. Home seller becomes home buyer and realtor now represents the buyer. My role changes from stager to decorator. Different outside service referrals are required and provided. The new common goal? A smooth transition to the new home for the family and ensuring the new space meets their needs.

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