Tip #1 to Ease the Strain of Living in a Staged Home: The Joy of Baskets

Let’s face it, living in a house that is on the market for sale is not fun. Presenting a clean, orderly, tidy home is a big component of selling for top dollar. Family life can make this a challenge. This is the first of four suggestions which will ease the strain. Use baskets or bins to hold the necessary family items which need to disappear for showings. This could be the shoes and bags and book bags at the front door, the toiletries by the bathroom sink, or the cooking utensils on the kitchen counter. Picking up and hiding one container is so much easier than picking up a dozen shampoo bottles, curling iron and lotions. If items to be stashed are small and there is an appropriate place for decorative baskets, keep the items in pretty lidded baskets and you won’t have to move them at all for showings.

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