Tip #2 to Ease the Strain of Living in a Staged Home: Purge First

Last week we covered the use of portable bins to hold the necessary small stuff of life so that you can easliy tuck them away for showings. A second valuable strategy to make your life easier while selling is to remove from the house as much as you can of the normally stored items you don’t regularly use. The good china, the lobster pot, the off season clothes, the camping gear, the vintage car… you get the drift. Now is not the time to stockpile supplies either. Forgo the great price on pop or paper towel until you have sold the house. Unless there is very generous storage space in the house and a way to neatly stack stored items which doesn’t interfere with access to mechanical systems and unfinished ceilings and foundations, find a place to store off site. Perhaps you can use a friend’s or family member’s basement, perhaps you will need to rent storage. If you choose a pod system of storage, be sure to remove the pod while on the market. Storage lockers have the advantage of easy anytime access; pods may be less expensive and you can load up right outside your front door. The time and cost to arrange off site storage is a wise investment in the sale of your home. Not only does this allow the house to show at its most spacious, which is critical, it also provides the space you need to hide the things you do need regularly. I often get a panicked look from homeowners when I point out things like small kitchen appliances, bedroom laundry hampers, and bikes in the back hall which need to go away for showings. If you designate a place for these things out of sight (you will have allowed the space needed by clearing out the things not needed), you will have easy access to what you need and a well prepared home for sale.

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