Tip #3 to Ease the Strain of Living in a Staged Home: Use less

I often tell clients that the kitchen and bathrooms are going to be the most work to keep ready for showings. These busy, personal spaces may need a significant transition from their normal lived condition to a ready-to-show condition. Your stager guides you as to what level of clean, cleared out and stylized is optimal for selling. You and your stager get the rooms to this desired state. And then life carries on, and if you’re not careful it can all be undone. It may help a great deal if you close off the spaces you don’t need, until after the house sells. Many homes have several bathrooms, for example, and one or two could be made off-limits, leaving fewer rooms to be readied for showings. Likewise, towels can be off limits so that they are always fresh and ready for showings. Kitchens are harder to make off limits of course, however messy endeavours such as baking, and cooking that leaves odors in the air like fish, can be avoided. Think about other areas and ways to make the getting ready process simpler for showings. If you have more than one desk or TV watching space in the house, consider using just one and leaving the other in show-ready condition. It may be that if you weigh the short term restrictions to your family against the benefit of a faster sale, finding ways to keep the home in staged condition will be worth it. Not to mention the reduction in stress and time each and every time you get ready for a potential buyer.

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