Tip #4 to Ease the Strain of Living in a Staged Home: Post a To-Do List

In a client’s home last week I noticed a list on the fridge which had four groups of chores for her four kids. The names rotated on a weekly basis. Brilliant! That’s a busy household with six people; sharing the chores may be the only way to get it all done. Likewise when living in a home for sale, developing a list and sharing the last-minute chores is a great way to get it all done. Ensuring the house is in show-ready condition for each and every showing may include making beds, placing fresh towels, tucking personal items out of sight, scouring kitchen and bathrooms, removing pet supplies and pets, emptying gargbage cans, turning on the approriate lights, raking leaves or shovelling snow, and getting everyone out. Take a moment to write down just what needs to be done in your house. If you tend to revert back to the lived-in look between showings, then your list may be longer in order to achieve your stager’s recommendations. You may find it possible to leave the house in show-ready condition every morning, in case there is a showing request with short notice. Many people find it helpful to use this list and delegate chores to family members. Everyone presumably will benefit from a successful sale, so everyone should help out as they can. Even kids can do their part by picking up their toys. If necessary offer a reward such as a bribe or cash payment, and evoke enthusiasm about all the benefits of the new house. Distribute or post your list for everyone to see. Not on the fridge though for showings, please.

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