Top 10 Tips on How to Dress a Kitchen for Sale

Imagine your kitchen is being photographed for a design magazine. You’ll want it to be spotlessly clean, in excellent repair, and beautifully dressed every time someone views the home.

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Clear away the things that accumulate on your countertops, as well as dish cloths, soaps, etc. around the sink. You may want to make room in one or more cupboards for easy, neat stashing before a showing. Serious buyers will look in your cupboards. The more organized and unstuffed they are, the better.

Identify the key spots to have a few pretty things on display. For example, a corner usually needs something bright and eye-catching. The island or peninsula surface, by the stove, and on the desk space may be other areas. Completely clear off the countertops except in these spots.

Choose items to display which are kitchen related but not necessarily functional.Remember that you are showcasing, so choose beautiful, interesting pieces that fit with the décor. Appliances are okay if they are new-looking and trendy. An abundant bowl of fruit, a robust plant or cut flowers, pretty canisters with interesting contents, a tray with water pitcher and glasses, a beautiful plate on a plate stand, are all examples you may have on hand. Groupings of varying heights are often the most pleasing to the eye. If you have glass front cupboards or open shelves, make them look their best.

Unless you have a cathedral or coffered ceiling you want to draw attention to, remove items from above the cupboards. Using this area to store your occasional-use items gives the negative message that you are overflowing the cupboards.

If your kitchen is eat-in, ensure that the size of the table allows easy walk space through the area. Be aware that there are often several people attending a showing. Place another pretty something in the centre of the table.

Hide away personal items, such as a calendar with your schedules on it, or the family mail and bills. If there is a desk area, place a laptop and maybe a lidded box or basket to show functionality.

Aim for a scent free home, in the kitchen and throughout. Baking pies, scented candles and simmering potpourri may give buyers an allergic reaction or invoke a bad memory.

Avoid storing pantry items in closets throughout the house as it will suggest that the kitchen is not big enough. When you are selling, it is not a good time to stock up on                                                                                                            canned goods and paper towels.

For pet owners, a little extra effort before showings is time well spent, to remove pet dishes and toys from sight. Ideally a buyer will not realize you have a pet on the first go-through. Many people have fears, allergies and misconceptions about other peoples’ pets.

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