Tree trimming tip from my home to yours…

As you might guess, the many bobbles and sparkles in the stores at Christmas time can be difficult to resist for a decorator. I’m pretty ruthless in general when it comes to purging what isn’t needed, however, the boxes of Christmas decorations never seem to diminish in my house. The last few years we’ve been choosing ahead of time a colour scheme or theme for the tree, and then we just use the ornaments in the chosen colours or theme. Sentimental ornaments get oohed and awed over as we sort through, but don’t go on the tree unless they fit the colour.

Christmas 2016

This was our tree last year in shades of red with silvers and whites. I love that our ornaments get rotated and every year is different. Now if we ever decide to use all colours again I’ll have to move some furniture out to make room for multiple trees.

Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season with abundant peace, love and joy. May the good times you share with friends and family become treasured memories.

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