What are the Goals of Home Staging?

If you are selling a home anytime soon, you’ll want to maximize your sale price, sell quickly, and get into your new space with as little stress as possible. Right?

There are are 5 main goals of staging. The more of these you achieve, the more successful your sale will be.

1. Make sure your property is spotlessly clean, tidy and cared for. All repairs taken care of, all cosmetic fixes done, and clean enough to eat off the floors.

2. Know who your target buyer is and make the house appeal to them. If you are in a quiet neighborhood close to schools, your target is probably a young family who will value bedrooms, family space, and play space more than dens and libraries. And make sure the décor appeals to them. How we use a house is often not the best way to show it.

3. Know buyer expectations for your price range and give them what they want. This may be paint colours, upgrades to the flooring, the kitchen and bathrooms, or the way the rooms are dressed. 90 percent of North Americans only see what you show them. There is a handout on choosing colours for you to take as well.

4. Allow buyers to see the property. This means for many people removing some of the contents of the house. Less is more when selling. The realities of life such as favorite collections, toiletries, papers and files and boots and coats and such, should not be seen.

5. Create a wow in every room which allows the buyer to feel excited about the property. Current, interesting decor with wide appeal and lifestyle suggestion sells homes.

Achieving these 5 levels of staging will produce great pictures for MLS, so important for selling today, and a wonderful experience for buyers as they view the home. There can be a lot to this, so know that there is excellent, cost effective help available from stagers like myself. Choose someone who is trained, experienced, and talented.

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